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Specialized Home Care Equipment and Testing Services

Medicare Certified Home Health Care Agency Serving Martin, Indian River, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Palm Beach County

Bladder Ultrasound

Used by nurses to assess for urinary retention, avoiding unnecessary catheterization to check for post voiding retention of urine.


Monitoring device left in patient’s home that reports to a central monitoring station within the home health agency that monitors patient vital signs. It is especially recommended for patients with heart failure because it tracks a patient’s weight daily.

As an extension of our nursing services, our tele-health monitors help us monitor our patients’ vital signs in between nursing visits. Our home tele-monitoring system consists of a monitoring device that is left in a patient’s home, that measures and reports important information, such as: blood pressure, weight, heart rate, and pulse oximetry. This service is available to our Medicare, and private insurance patients. It is also available to any patient who wishes to have the benefit of this added security on a private pay basis for a nominal monthly fee.

PT/ INR testing

A meter that tests a patient’s PT and INR at the bedside within minutes. It is used by nurses on patients taking Coumadin.

Anodyne therapy

Used by physical therapists as a type of light therapy that may help to relieve the symptoms of pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, and with patients that have circulation irregularities.

Vital Stim therapy

Used by speech therapists with specialized training to stimulate vocal cords of patients having trouble eating, swallowing, and speaking.

Peak flow meters

Used by nurses to teach patients with asthma to monitor their respiratory status daily.

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