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Specialty Programs

Diabetes Education Program

Mihom Healthcare embraces the concept of diabetes self management to empower our clients by teaching the skills necessary to effectively manage their diabetes. Our Certified Diabetes Educator and experienced nurses are knowledgeable regarding new pharmacological treatments for diabetes, as well as traditional treatments such as meal planning and blood glucose monitoring. We use a collaborative approach with area endocrinologists and diabetes practitioners by facilitating communication of diabetes teaching progress and reporting blood glucose monitoring results. Diabetes education in the home eases the transition from the acute care setting, especially in the case of a client just beginning insulin injection therapy or blood sugar self-testing. Furthermore, diabetes education in the home, post acute care, can reduce the length of hospital stays, as well as reduce the risk of hospital re-admission. Teaching basic “survival skills,” such as sick-day management, and how to treat a low blood sugar reaction. We help guide our patients, so that even after home health care is no longer needed, they feel equipped to manage their diabetes and know when to contact an MD for medical assistance.

Home Telemonitoring Device

Mihom Healthcare offers a unique integrated medical device that measures weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation readings to clients under their care at no additional cost. Data is collected and transmitted to a central site for review by a nurse for evaluation and intervention if necessary. Patients can send vitals to the agency at any time; they do not have to wait for a scheduled report time.

After the instrument collects all of the patient’s vitals and any programmed peripheral tests such as weight, it transmits the data to a central monitoring station located in the agency, which is then monitored and evaluated by a nurse. Patients need only to be able to put on a blood pressure cuff to initiate the testing. The agency reports that through the use of the home monitoring device, they are able to keep some patients from having to be re-admitted to the hospital because of the early intervention that the monitoring system offers. Data is sent from the central station in the agency to doctors’ offices for review and to prompt changes in treatment.

The agency also reports that patients like having the added security of the monitoring device. Likewise, Physicians like having the data accessible for review in a systematic format, enabling them to recognize changes in the condition of their patients earlier than ever before.

Assisted Living Facility CORE Trained Nurses

Mihom’s diversified staff includes CORE trained nurses, who are knowledgeable regarding Assisted Living Facilities’ administrative regulations, staff training requirements, as well as the needs specific to residents of Assisted Living Facilities.

Additionally, our specialty programs, such as gait training, as well as vestibular imbalance rehabilitation, help assisted living facility residents to reach their maximum rehabilitation potential.

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